Zechariah 9

The Lord has an eye on mankind and on all the tribes of Israel.” God had an eternal plan to humble those who imagined that their success came by their own wealth and power. He would “strip” them of their “possessions” and “strike down” those who harbored ill will toward His chosen flock, yet He would also bestow grace upon people groups that were once far away from His covenant blessings. Even cities of the Philistines would be “a remnant for our God.”
How would this future day of prosperity and security for Israel and those among the Gentiles associated with Jehovah be achieved? There would come a new beginning for the world when the “King” of the Jews would come into Jerusalem “humble and mounted on a donkey.” (See Matthew 21:5.) He would be “righteous” and would achieve “salvation” for all who would put their trust in Him.
Zachariah proclaimed the public appearing of a Messiah who would judge the enemies of Yahweh, but would also “speak peace to the nations.” By the “blood” of God’s sacrificial “covenant” with His people, the elect would be delivered from a “waterless pit” of despair and would become “prisoners of hope.” God would give these happy captives heavenly shalom as He restrained men and angels who had once been their powerful adversaries.
Zechariah’s words of blessing could only have been achieved by Jehovah. It would be the Lord alone who would “save them” and “protect them.” Through the ministry of Jesus, the King of the Jews, the people of God’s “flock” have become “like jewels of a crown.” The Lord’s “beauty” will “shine on His land” forever in the resurrection lives of His redeemed children. A renewed humanity will “flourish” in a bountiful environment of joy and peace because of the saving work of Jesus Christ.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Creator God, all the nations will come before You. There is no safety in the might of men. The hopes of many earthly powers shall perish when You come to cut off the pride of the arrogant. You will bring Your loved ones to a place of great security. Your Son will be our King, and He will give to us an age of perfect wholeness. He will rule to the very ends of the earth. We long for the fullest coming of His holy reign. Stir up Your sons, O Lord, that we might move forward even now in Christian love. Others may seek to kill, but we come as agents of salvation. How great is Your goodness! How wonderful is Your beauty!