Zechariah 14

Behold, a day is coming for the Lord.” God announced through Zechariah the terrors and victories of a future era. “I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle.” The unified efforts of all these enemies might be successful at first, but then the Lord Himself would “go out and fight” them. Appearing with “all the holy ones,” Only the Almighty could bring about the glorious fulfillment of His eternal purposes.
God intended to open up a fountain of “living water,” as “king over all the earth.” There would “never again be a decree of utter destruction” upon His city and His people. “Jerusalem shall dwell in security.”
The enemies who once threatened God’s elect faced an eventual “plague” of horrid destruction from the Lord. “The wealth of all the surrounding nations” would be “collected” into the blessed kingdom of the Almighty. The people groups throughout the globe were to become worshipers of Yahweh, going up “to keep the Feast of Booths.” This concluding festival in the annual cycle of the Jews was symbolic of the time after the final trumpet and God’s judgment upon the earth. In this “Feast of Booths” the Lord was determined to dwell forever with His beloved ones in a society of perfect holiness. Even the bells on the horses would be inscribed with the words “Holy to the Lord.”
Though the prophet used distinctively Old Testament ceremonial language to describe the Lord’s resurrection world, there can be no doubt that the New Testament realities that are so clearly propounded in the apostolic writings are proclaimed in Zechariah’s exciting picture of ultimate victory. God’s best gifts have been secured for us by the sacrifice of Jesus. Because of His shed blood and the pouring out of His Spirit we are counted as “holy to the Lord of hosts.” Those who have discovered this fountain of godly refreshment wait for the Lord’s return with eager anticipation.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Sovereign Lord, You are the God of salvation. We may suffer and even be forced to flee from the hands of those who long to kill us, yet You will rescue us. Your Son will be King over all the earth, and we shall be Your temple and Your holy city. Though there will be a day of horrible panic and death for Your enemies, Your servants will ultimately experience great celebration and joy. You will perfectly sanctify everything and everyone in the new Jerusalem.