Nursery & Children’s Church

For Sunday Morning Service:

Children of all ages are welcome to remain with their caregivers in the sanctuary during the morning sermon, however, we do provide children’s church during the sermon.  This time is specifically designed for children ages 4 to 8.  Visitors with children older than 8 may also choose to send them to children’s church during the sermon.  Children under 4 are welcome to sit in on the children’s church when accompanied by their caregiver.  there is an area upstairs where caregivers and their young children can sit during the service if desired; communion will be brought up for adults.

Caregivers who wish their children to attend children’s church should take them to use the restroom during the Hymn of Preparation and bring them upstairs at the end of this hymn. Children bring home lesson materials which parents are encouraged to review with them at home to reinforce the Bible lessons learned.