Psalm 99

The Lord reigns; let the peoples tremble!” Israel sang together about the glorious reign of the Almighty over all of the nations of the earth. They were lifting up their voices about a future day that had not yet come. God would rule in such an obvious way that all of the clans of the earth would have to acknowledge Him as the King of kings. In that day those who once considered Israel’s God to be one among many deities would tremble before Him alone.
The Lord is great in Zion.” He would rule from the center of His realm, and there the nations of the earth would praise His “great and awesome Name.” The Lord was forever holy, set apart from all that He created. His reign over heaven and earth would establish His perfect justice everywhere. The only appropriate response to the good news of the coming of such a glorious King would be heartfelt worship.
In the days of Moses and Samuel, the Word of God was proclaimed in Israel. These chosen men heard the voice of God and communicated His judgments to His people. The Lord spoke to them, forgiving their transgressions, but He also was “an avenger of their wrongdoings.” Even the holiest of the Lord’s servants needed a sacrifice that would take away their guilt.
The Lord God Himself came and saved them. He became man and died for humanity as our righteous substitute. His atonement was effectual not only for Jews, but for all those throughout the nations who would look to Him in faith.
All over the world people are seeking the final coming of Israel’s King. He is “our God,” and we cry out to Him in prayer, “Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord Almighty, You are High and lifted up. You love justice. We should worship You always. You have raised up men to worship You in days gone by. You are alive today, and You are holy forever.