Psalm 92

It is good to give thanks to the Lord.” Psalm 92 was called a “song for the Sabbath.” On that day when the Lord’s people gathered in His Name they would sing praises to Him as the Most High God. They would remember the steadfast love of the Lord and His wonderful covenant faithfulness.
Every worshiper would have his own particular cares or joys, yet they were able to join together in their appreciation for the Lord and His works. They considered the great thoughts of the Almighty as they listened to His Word. Yet there were many who could not extol the glory of a God that they refused to acknowledge. They were missing the pleasures that come from the contemplation of the Most High, and they could not see that evildoers were “doomed to destruction.”
Those who would gather together to worship the Lord enjoyed the great privilege of thanking God. What enemies had the Lord defeated for them? They had cried out to Him in prayer. How had they experienced deliverance? It was good for them to remember His many benefits together and to appreciate the privileges that they enjoyed from knowing and loving God.
The Lord’s people had a settled Sabbath experience that involved worship. They sang songs like Psalm 92. They experienced the joys and heartaches of life together and learned how to face good times and bad times as followers of God. As they came to the end of their days, they were able to say together that every good gift had come to them from the hand of the Almighty. They declared together, “He is my Rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”
This practice of Sabbath worship was a settled pattern in the life of our Messiah (Luke 4:16). Eventually the day came when He stood up in the synagogue in Nazareth and revealed Himself to be the Hope of Israel. He was their Rock, yet He was also the Stone that the builders rejected. Now He has become the Cornerstone of a holy temple in the Lord (Psalm 118:22). Because of His resurrection, we gather together on a new day of rest—the first day of the week. He is the Lord of the Sabbath, and through Him we offer up our praise to God. This is the Lord’s commandment. Now it has also become our custom. It is good for our souls.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Our Father, what a joy it is to praise You! You have done great things. Your thoughts are deep and wonderful. You are far above all idols. You have blessed us in great ways. You have planted us in Your kingdom and we are growing in Your righteous love.