Psalm 9

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart.” David committed himself to complete praise. He would sing of God’s wonderful deeds. He made the choice to worship and even to be glad.
This choice was not a denial of life’s challenges. Yes, David had enemies. His faith insisted that his foes would stumble and fall. He looked forward to a day of judgment when they would all perish in the presence of his God.
How could he maintain that confidence? He knew that his cause was just and that God was sitting on the throne over all. God would judge righteously. Any unrighteousness that seemed to win would have only a temporary celebration. God would be vindicated.
David’s confidence was not just for for one situation or even just for one man. Whole nations would be blotted out if necessary for the Lord to establish justice over the earth. Only God would be capable of bringing about such a sweeping victory.
This kind of confidence was life-changing for those who were poor and oppressed. If they knew they were serving God’s purposes, they could not ultimately lose. The Lord would never forsake those who were truly seeking Him.
Because of this confidence, David could call all the afflicted to join him in this song of praise. Together they could make the choice to worship. They could sing about God with true joy.
If David called people in his day to this life of consistent devotion, surely Jesus calls us to choose the certainty of faith. The Father has seen the affliction of His Son and has raised Him up to the heights of heaven. We have the words of the psalms made even more sure since the resurrection of Jesus is a part of our history and the message of a Jewish Messiah has been proclaimed and received all over the earth.
Nations that were once not a part of the people of God have found a way into the boldness of covenant worship through Jesus. Once they had no sure hope of life beyond the grave. Now many have found peace in the Name of Jesus. The most powerful rulers of the world have discovered that they are but men, and the poor who have found Jesus have found a way into the confidence of true worship.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Glorious God, we give You thanks for all Your wonderful deeds. We praise You for Your justice and Your mercy. In the day of trouble, You have been our strong Help. You are a righteous judge. It is good for us to trust in You. We come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. You heard Him when He called out to You. We also rejoice in Your great works of salvation. We have been found in Christ and have been credited with His perfect righteousness. We live in the secure hope of Your mercy, for Your Son has rescued us.