Psalm 87

On the holy mount stands the city He founded.” The Lord founded a “city” on Mount Zion. The mountain of Old Testament worship was the place where God lived with His worshiping people.
According to the Law of God, access to the holiest place on that mountain was severely restricted during the time of the Old Covenant. Yet the sons of Korah wrote a song for Israel to sing that celebrated the many people groups that would one day inhabit this land of worship.
How would Rahab from Jericho, and men and women from Babylon, Philistia, Tyre, and Cush come to be residents of this glorious realm so loved by God? The answer became a part of Psalm 87: “This one was born there.”
There is a Zion redeemed by Jesus Christ in the heavens. All who have come to believe in Him have become residents of this great “city of God.” While the facts of their physical birth enable us to distinguish the Babylonian from the Cushite, a better story is told regarding their life together as sons of God in Zion: “This one and that one were born in her.”
Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, but the Lord Jesus has established another Zion by His own blood. He lives there forever as King. He is the one who registers every citizen of His kingdom. He says, “This one was born there.”
Whatever else may be happening in that glorious realm, Psalm 87 tells us that there are “singers and dancers” there. As they worship the Lord, they testify to the truth that a heavenly river of life empowers them in their dedication to the Almighty. They say, “All my springs are in You.”
Even today in this time of persecution and tribulation on earth, people from all over the world are worshiping the God of Israel with both joy and tears. Their “springs” originate in the everlasting God and in His eternal city.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Merciful Lord, You have built up Your holy Zion in the praises of Your people. Even those who were far off have been drawn near to You in Christ. We joyfully confess a new birth, for in Him we were born in Zion. We will rejoice in You forever.