Psalm 8

O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth.” God has a name. His appellation is more than a title, but it is often translated into the word “LORD” with all capital letters. The actual name in Hebrew is not pronounceable since it lacks the vowels that would allow us to say it. One way to translate it would be to just use the four consonants, yielding something like this: “YHWH”. This name comes from the verb of being. The idea behind YHWH is this: “I AM.” Always and forever.
David prepared Psalm 8 as a song for the choirmaster. This musical leader would have been the man leading others in singing this psalm when Israel gathered to worship YHWH as Lord.
The great I AM was not only the Lord of those who worshiped Him; He was the God of all the earth. He was far above everything else that would pretend to be His rival.
YHWH called even the smallest babies and toddlers who had just begun to walk to praise Him. Psalm 8 looked forward to a day when the praise of the youngest saints would be used by God to silence His enemies.
Human beings have been created in the image of YHWH. How can this be? In what sense do people look like the great God who created the heavens and who put the moon and stars in their orbits? How is it that YHWH even cares about people?
Yet the Lord really does care. He has given mankind dominion over all the other works of His hands. Human beings who serve Him are supposed to rule over everything on the land, in the seas, and even across the vast expanse of the heavens.
He rules above all of His image-bearers is the one great I-AM. But look at what YHWH has done! He became a man for us. When Jesus was challenged by His foes, He had the courage to say this: “Before Abraham was, I-AM.” He identified Himself as YHWH—now come in person. Some of those who heard Him say these great words picked up rocks to stone Him. Others would soon shout out, “Crucify Him!” Even today people often use the name “Jesus Christ” as a coarse expression of disdain.
Much better for us to sing the song that David prepared for the choirmaster. What a privilege to shout out these words to the Lord together with Israel of old: “O YHWH, our Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Creator God, we see all Your marvelous works and extol You. You have a special place for man in Your holy plan. We bow before You and Your Son Jesus Christ. All things are Yours, and everything everywhere should rightly give You praise.