Psalm 72

Give the king Your justice, O God!” Solomon, David’s son and successor, knew that the king over God’s people needed the help of the Almighty in order to reign. Any future king’s official position required strong decision-making skills. He would have to sort through troubling questions regarding the lives of his subjects. A good king would need to make righteous choices. This would require divine gifting.
The “poor and needy” would be seeking the help of the king in their disputes with others who were oppressing them. His decrees would settle matters. But would the king’s determinations be right? Would he bring prosperity to Israel through wise governance, or would he be easily deceived by clever people who sought to take advantage of those around them?
The king of Israel was not only the final authority in personal disagreements. He also governed the religious life in Israel. He could not perform those acts of devotion that were reserved for the priests, but that did not mean that he had no sovereignty over the nation’s worship. Like a father over his family, the king was to lead the nation in turning to God in the hope that all of God’s children would always “fear” the Lord.
Solomon wrote about a future king who would have authority “to the ends of the earth.” In the day’s of Solomon’s reign, the queen of Sheba brought him gifts, but these were only a small portion of the devotion that would come to a far greater Ruler. “May all kings fall down before Him, all nations serve Him!”
This coming King would deliver the poor and needy from the most significant distress. He would reign over life and death as the Son of God. He would make peace between God and humanity so that the Lord’s people could dwell with Him in peace.
This eternal King would have a Name that would “endure forever.” People would be “blessed in Him,” and all the people groups of the earth would “call Him blessed.”
One day, the Lord, the God of Israel, would come in person to be this great King of kings. The One who “alone does wondrous things” would be God and Man together forever. He would establish His kingdom through His own death and resurrection. “May the whole earth be filled with His glory!”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great God, bless the Name of Your Son. Bring about the fullness of His reign. May He provide for His people forever, and may His dominion be both complete and eternal. Lord, we long for the day of the return of our perfect Savior. He will bring the greatest prosperity and peace. Thank you for this great hope. He is our King, our Lord, and our God.