Psalm 64

Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint.” David knew that he had “dread of the enemy.” He didn’t want to live in fear of men, so he asked God for help.
If the king could grow in his trust for the God of Israel, he would be able to live as a more faithful servant of the Lord. He asked God to “hide” him from “the secret plots of the wicked.”
David did not pretend that those who sought his life were good. They were “evildoers.” Waiting for every opportunity to murder an innocent man, they seemed to live without fear of God. They did not vacillate in their vicious plans, but were entirely committed to injustice.
This honest assessment of the depths of wickedness within evil people did not prevent David from living a life of holy joy. He turned toward the Almighty and sang songs of honest petition with the confidence that the Lord would hear and send help from on high.
Yes, the wicked were able to shoot arrows, but God had some arrows of His own as well. The Lord knew the secret plots of David’s enemies, and He was well aware of how He would save His anointed one.
David knew that his life was not his own. There would be another Anointed One who would face evil foes, even from among the religious rulers of His day. This Christ would turn to his Father with supreme trust. He would “rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him.” Because of Jesus, David and all the “upright in heart” will be able to exult in the Lord God Almighty forever.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father, why do we fear powerful enemies? They have an evil purpose and seem to be invincible, but they will not be able to stand against You. They have not adequately considered Your love for Your children, and Your power to save. You shall surely deliver the upright in heart from the grasp of even the strongest foes.