Psalm 63

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you.” David longed for God. He knew what it was like to be physically thirsty. He spent much time in the wilderness of Judah as he was seeking to survive the attacks of those who were trying to kill Him. Yet the thirst that he wrote about in Psalm 63 was an intense spiritual longing. “My soul thirsts for you.”
David “looked upon” the One who could not be seen. By faith, he saw God in His sanctuary. He beheld the power and glory of the Lord. Now when he was far from the tabernacle, he was very eager to experience God again among the worshiping assembly of His people.
Why was the Lord so attractive to David? This man after God’s own heart knew the steadfast love of the Almighty. The covenant faithfulness of the Lord was better to David than life itself. This awareness of the mercy of God moved David in the direction of heartfelt praise. He lifted up his hands to the glorious God of Israel.
David’s hunger for his God would one day be satisfied. He would again experience worship with all who called upon the name of the Lord. Even now when he was forced to be alone in the wilderness, in the dead of night, he knew the love of his Maker. He remembered God and meditated upon His Majesty.
The Lord had been David’s help. David took shelter in the presence of the Almighty and sang for joy. He stayed close to God, knowing that the Lord himself was embracing His servant and holding him up in the midst of every difficulty.
David also knew that his destiny included the future joys of heavenly worship. But what would become of his enemies? They would go down to the land of death, and would not experience the eternal blessedness that God had prepared for His elect.
Jesus also knew the joy of fellowship with his Father during His brief days upon the earth. There has never been a better worshiper than this great Son of David. Yet He longed for something more. He was thirsty for His heavenly home. Our experience in worship even now should be a happy anticipation of the communion with God that we will enjoy forever in heaven. Why should our taste of worship today be bitter? God invites us to enjoy Him now and forever. Why should that be boring or unpleasant?
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God, You have put something within us that longs for You. You have made our souls alive to Your goodness. We praise You when we are together, and we praise You in secret communion. No matter how dangerous the enemies against us may be, You are our refuge and our help forever.