Psalm 62

For God alone my soul waits in silence.” David testified that God was his only hope. There was no point in pleading with anyone else. Only God could save him. The Lord was his stability and his safety.
The king was surrounded by those who sought to knock him down. They were not interested in the truth. These adversaries took joy in their skillful pretense of being David’s friends when they were actually working against him. They were proud of their treachery. David was only a “leaning wall” and a “tottering fence.” Why would anyone take any pride in defeating someone as weak as him. He did not consider himself to be a very formidable opponent—at least not in his own strength.
Yet David was not placing his hope in himself. Again, “God alone” was the king’s confidence. David’s plans for “glory” were entirely resting upon the Lord. The only reason that David would not be shaken was the unchanging stability of the Almighty.
The king had learned something from which everyone could greatly profit. “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” Perhaps some good would come from the king’s present distress. Others might learn that the Lord was entirely trustworthy.
If God would not save His people, who could they believe in? Would those “of low estate” be able to protect their king? They were “but a breath.” What about the rich and powerful? The king knew that they were “a delusion.” Put the high and the low together and they would still amount to nothing.
The king’s conclusion was plain: “Power belongs to God.” The Lord alone would be the source of “steadfast love.” God could not be cheated or mocked. One day the Lord would “render to a man according to his work.”
Jesus Christ is the fullest expression of the power of God. More than any created being and far beyond any impressive array of objects, the Son of God reigns supreme. We trust in the same God that David praised in his psalms. The only difference between King David and all the faithful of the New Testament era is this: We live after the Power of God has come to earth to die for our sins. We know the Name of the one who has risen from the dead. He is our only hope.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Our God, we rest in You. The dangers around us are real. In silence we wait for You. When we cry out to You, You hear us and help us. Forgive us when we would put our hope in evil schemes. Your Son is our Redeemer. What more do we need? We have You, O God.