Psalm 61

Hear my cry, O God.” David’s psalms regularly followed an inspired road from crisis to praise. They taught Israel good habits of prayer. Even when God’s people had been taken to “the ends of the earth” in exile, the fainthearted could call out to the Lord. When all seemed lost and hopeless, the Almighty was still Israel’s rock.
God’s chosen people faced many serious problems. They needed a “refuge” and a “strong tower against the enemy.” They could not find the praise of God in the midst of their troubles unless they learned to cast their cares upon the Lord.
The real help that they needed was more than momentary assistance. David’s words spoke of eternity. “Let me dwell in your tent forever!” Under the shelter of the “wings” of God, Israel would find safety, even beyond this life.
But what if the God over all eternity was incapable of communication? What if God could not hear or speak? David was confident that the Lord could hear him, and not only him, but all who would call upon the Almighty One.
In his distress, David had made certain promises to God. The king knew that the Lord had heard his vows. Success was so certain that he could speak of it as a completed fact. “You have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”
David was emboldened to make more requests of the Lord. He asked for long life for a future chosen king. God had made a promise that a descendant of David would sit on his throne forever. That promised King has come. Because He reigns, our confidence in the Almighty can be very secure.
King Jesus is filled with the steadfast love of the Lord God. No one can remove Him from His place of supreme authority. Therefore we will praise Him forever. He has become the one Rock upon which the church may stand. He is the way to heaven, and on earth, the only Mediator between God and man who can leads us from our present crisis to eternal praise.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great Lord and Helper, give us strength. We want to be with You now and always. Grant to us eternal life and love in Your Son, our King. We live in the security and power of His holy promises to You.