Psalm 60

O God, you have rejected us.” This composition of David was written for the people of Israel at war. The nation called out to the Lord for help. They believed that their setbacks were the result of divine disfavor. They “staggered” in military disappointment, knowing that only the Lord could turn their losses into victory.
The Almighty was their banner. They determined to run to Him and to find renewed strength. His “right hand” would bring salvation.
In the midst of their entreaty, the Lord Himself spoke. He reaffirmed his eternal commitment to His people. Listing some of the cities in the Promised Land, God reassured Israel that they still belonged to Him.
He also referred to people groups that stood against them. Moab was His as was Edom and Philistia. The Lord would assert His sovereign power over all the enemies of Israel. He would “shout in triumph” over every troubling foe.
Yet would God actually lead His armies into battle? Would He bring them to victory over Edom? David asked the question that was on the hearts of all of the Lord’s people. “Have you not rejected us, O God?”
If the Lord loved Israel, they needed Him to show that covenant commitment by going forth with their armies. They would not count on the help that might come to them from other powerful nations. “Vain is the salvation of man!” God alone would bring about a glorious victory. That was David’s hope, and his words became Israel’s song.
The church today is engaged in a different kind of mission with the glorious Son of David as our Captain. He calls us forward as agents of His love and truth. We go out, not to kill, but to suffer for His Name’s sake. We follow the King who died on the cross for us. With our God, we shall do valiantly.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God, help us now. As we look around our lives we see trouble and destruction everywhere. Send Your salvation and help Your church. Claim Your people again with Your strong Word. You will bring us home in triumph. You will have the victory over all of those who oppose You.