Psalm 59

Deliver me from my enemies, O my God.” David knew that Saul, the king of Israel, wanted to kill him. When Saul sent men to watch David’s house, David wrote Psalm 59. David turned his tragedy into praise.
The Lord God Almighty could help David even at this time when the most powerful man in Israel was trying to murder him. Saul had strong men on his side. They were David’s enemies because Saul insisted that they serve as an extension of his own jealousy. These “bloodthirsty men” warmed to their task and sought success in their evil designs.
David knew that his troubles were not a result of his own sins. He called upon God to come swiftly to his aid. “Rouse yourself to punish all the nations.” David styled Saul’s allies as Gentile adversaries rather than as true Israelites. In the case of men like Doeg the Edomite, this was literally the case. David did not ask the Lord to show such men mercy, but to give them the justice that they deserved. If they were to live, he hoped that it would only be so that Israel would not forget important truths that are remembered when real enemies are seen and known.
Above all, David praised the Lord as his “Strength” in this great time of crisis. He knew that God’s steadfast love for him was not just a weak idea. The Lord’s nearness to His beloved servant would bring victory over violent foes. David concluded his song with these words of dependence and worship: “O my Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.”
Jesus Christ, the greatest descendant of David, is the Strength of the Almighty now become flesh. He is the fullest answer to David’s prayers for justice and his confidence in God’s presence with His people. Jesus is the same forever, and He has defeated all our foes.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Glorious Lord, though our enemies are making plans to destroy Your people, You will see and help. You are awake to the needs of Your people, and to their cry for aid. The day will come when every foe will be trapped and destroyed. Everyone will see that You love Your people with unwavering faithfulness, and we will worship You forever.