Psalm 55

Give ear to my prayer, O God.” David cried out to the Lord for help and admitted his restlessness as he waited for the Lord to answer him. He heard the voices of enemies all around him, but not the voice of God for which he longed.
David was not doing well. He wrote about his experience of anguish, terror, fear, trembling, and horror. He wanted to fly away like a dove from all his troubles, finding shelter in the wilderness from “the raging wind and tempest.”
David was surrounded by all his trials even inside the city walls where he was king. The crowds within the marketplace were not places of joyful provision for him, but centers of “oppression and fraud.” Yet the king’s biggest troubles came not from the throng within the gates of Jerusalem, but from the king’s close companion, his “familiar friend,” who had turned against him.
The king’s trust in this time of despair was in the Lord alone. He was now able to affirm that God was paying attention to him at his greatest time of need. “He hears my voice.” Even more, “He redeems my soul.” David knew that God would humble those who were arrayed against him.
When Christ was preparing to do His great work of salvation for us, psalms like this one prepared him for the betrayal of Judas, his close companion. Jesus knew that the “righteous” would never “be moved.” Others would fall into the “pit of destruction,” but the Son of God would trust in His Father to the very end.
We are called to this same life of faith. We cry out to God even when He does not seem to hear us. We continue to turn to Him even when our best friends disappoint us. We pray and sing until we remember the unfailing love of our Savior, and by the grace of God we continue to turn to the Lord God Almighty as our only hope.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Hear us, O Lord! We feel the danger of trouble and wickedness everywhere, and we are greatly concerned. We would like to run away from all our anxieties, but we do not know where we can go. Even familiar friends seem to be against us. We call out to You. Surely You will save us. There is a dangerous battle going on here. Please help us, and deliver us from those who make false promises of love and loyalty. We cast our cares upon You, for You care for us.