Psalm 52

Why do you boast of evil, O mighty man?” The title to Psalm 52 gives some historical context for this composition of David. Doeg the Edomite betrayed David to King Saul and brought about the slaughter of a group of priests who had innocently cared for David when he and his men were hungry. This episode was deeply troubling to the man who would one day be the king of Israel.
David was rightly angry about Doeg’s treachery. With his words and his hands Doeg had destroyed those who represented Israel before the Lord. God would pay him back for his evil words. Doeg would be revealed before all of Israel to be a man who trusted not in God but “in the abundance of his riches.” His bad choices would only hasten his own destruction.
David understood that he was different from Doeg. David was “like a green olive tree in the house of God.” He would have the fruitfulness that springs forth from a genuine relationship with the God of Israel. The steadfast love of the Lord would always be his trust. He knew that his future was secure because of the refuge he had found in the Lord. His heart was thankful even in this disappointment. He would wait for the Lord’s deliverance.
Jesus stood firm in the same way when He faced the powerful assaults that came against Him by the religious leaders of His day. Like David, He strengthened Himself in His Father’s love. He found the courage to trust in the God of Israel all the way to the cross. Because of His victory, all who are connected to Him have a firm hope of the eternal favor of the Almighty. Though evil adversaries may seem to prevail for a season, all who call upon the Name of the Lord shall see the victory of the steadfast love of God. The Lord will rescue them from every danger.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Almighty God, men of evil turn against You. Surely a day of reckoning will come. We have made You our only refuge for that coming day. Your Son has trusted in You perfectly, and has won salvation for the congregation who fear You and are called by His name.