Psalm 5

Give ear to my words, O Lord; consider my groaning.” David knew that the Lord could hear not only intelligible language, but even his sighs and groans that were too deep for words. He waited in the morning as he prayed to the Lord.
Who was this God who would bother to hear the troubled utterances of a person? David knew that Jehovah was full of moral excellence. The Lord would never take delight in wickedness. All those who would boast in their evil pride, all liars, all people who were ready to kill the innocent—they would never be heard by God.
Yet David believed that God would allow him to enter His house. David’s God rightly demanded moral goodness, but He was also a God who was full of steadfast love. The only worthy choice for anyone in trouble would be to approach the Lord in reverence and with an honest commitment to abandon all sin.
David knew he needed help—not only to defeat his enemies, but also to be a true and holy follower of such a great God. That was why he asked the Lord to lead him “in Your righteousness,” and “make Your way straight before me.” He knew that he could never defeat his adversaries by imitating their deceit and sinful malice. He needed God to lead him in the right direction.
His enemies had no truth in their words. Their problem was deep within them. They had death in their souls, so that even when their voices sounded sweet, they could not be trusted.
David asked the Lord to expose these false friends and advisers. His foes did not take refuge in God and turn away from sin. True followers of Jehovah were different. They found a hiding place from the storms of life in their holy God. They rejoiced in Him and enjoyed His protection. They took shelter in His favor when they cried out to Him in prayer.
The call of the Lord to all who would hear His voice has always started with this simple command: “Come to Me!” When David’s God came in all His righteousness and love He said to His disciples, “Follow Me.” We do not expect victory over our troubles through careful pretense and powerful hatred. We come to God in honest surrender and simple trust. We give ourselves to the Son of God who calls us to take shelter in His gracious favor.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Please hear us, O God. We pray to You morning by morning. We are Your humble servants in Jesus Christ, perfected through Your grace and Your steadfast love. Lead us in Your righteousness, O God. May the wicked fall by their own plots, but let the man who takes refuge in You and loves Your Name rejoice in You forever.