Psalm 48

Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised.” The Lord has a holy mountain above where He is worshiped perfectly. During the days of Old Testament Israel, He kept a picture of that glorious “city of our God” in Jerusalem and especially in the temple on the top of Mount Zion. The sons of Korah led the congregation in praise of the God of heaven and in joyful appreciation for that place where God was pleased to dwell among His people on earth.
Jerusalem was the place where the great kings of Israel lived. Above them all was the One who would come as the greatest of all the kings over heaven and earth, the Son of God. He would descend from that Zion above and would make Himself known. He would be a fortress to His people.
One day the most powerful enemies of the Lord’s people will face the true King. He will bring His sanctuary from heaven down upon the earth, and all those who have stood against Him and His church will tremble. The Lord will shatter the might of His foes. All that the church has heard about in the Scriptures will be seen by His people.
As we wait for that day, we worship the Lord with faithful expectation. God reveals Himself among His people through His Word and Spirit, and His praise reaches “to the ends of the earth.” All those who respond to the Word of the Lord are invited to be glad because of the promises that they have come to believe. They rejoice that God will perfectly judge the earth and that He will save us.
Until that new day comes in fullness, we gather together in holy expectation. As we read the Word and sing to the Lord, it is as if we are walking around the Zion that will one day come down from heaven. We consider the greatness of God and we pass on the good news to the next generation. The Lord who is our present joy will soon be our salvation forever.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord of heaven and earth, we look to Your great sanctuary in glory and we are astonished. Your Word teaches us about the place of our citizenship in that heavenly Jerusalem. We are deeply impressed. Our expectation of the life to come is a matter of great joy for our souls. We will pass on this good news to the coming generation, and will speak of You throughout all the nations of men.