Psalm 45

My heart overflows with a pleasing theme.” This love song of the sons of Korah was written for Israel to sing and consider. It described the new relationship between a great king and his bride. The sons of Korah were calling the entire congregation to rejoice in the greatness of this best of all husbands.
What did the psalm say about the king? He was handsome and his words were full of grace. His life was the perfection of righteous power and majesty. He would be victorious over all his enemies.
Who was this king? The psalm identified him as God, but then also referred to his God with the curious expression, “God, your God.” The entire sentence is revealing: “God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.” The word “anointed” directs us to the ultimate Anointed One, the Lord Jesus Christ. This royal husband was to be set apart not by men, but by God Himself. Hebrews 1 leaves us with no room to doubt who this Man is. He is God the Son.
What about the bride of Psalm 45? Who is she? Passages throughout the Old and New Testaments help us to take our place with worshipers in Israel as the holy bride of this great Christ. Together with others from far-off lands, we are no longer to doubt the privilege of our close connection to our Lord.
We who rejoice to hear His wonderful voice should never be afraid to submit to Jesus and to follow Him. Our destiny is magnificent. Anything that we have to give up to be His bride is nothing when compared with the glory that will come to us through Him. We have a future and a hope that will not be disappointing. Our Husband will provide for us. He will always be worthy of our worship.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great King, we thank You for the joy that we have in knowing You, for You are marvelous in all Your attributes and deeds. We are so greatly blessed to have such a wonderful Messiah. Your throne is forever. You are full of the Spirit of God beyond measure. We bow to You Lord, for we are Your holy bride. Though we are scattered throughout the world, we belong to You. You will gather us in Christ. You will make us fruitful, and we will praise You forever.