Psalm 43

Vindicate me, O God, and defend my cause against an ungodly people.” The sons of Korah picked up in Psalm 43 where they left off in 42. But now in Psalm 43 the psalmist expressed the specific longing of God’s righteous servant for vindication. He had taken refuge in God, yet he felt rejected by the Lord because of the attacks that he faced from enemies.
Where was the Lord in this hour of great need? The psalmist longed for His presence. He asked for God’s light and truth so that he would know what to do next. He longed for the Lord to lead him heavenward, to God’s “holy hill,” His “dwelling,” the “altar of God.” Was he referring to the temple in Jerusalem, or did he look beyond Mount Zion to the Jerusalem above? He certainly wanted more than a ceremonial expression of God’s presence. He asked for God Himself, “my exceeding joy.”
Perhaps he longed both for earthly worship and for the sanctuary beyond this world. This may be the Lord’s gracious purpose. God is producing within him a longing that will only be fully satisfied with the final coming of the Kingdom.
Psalms 42 and 43 go together. They share the same refrain which gives us very practical advice when we are overwhelmed: 1. Soul, why are you downcast? Are you looking for vindication on earth in the face of some cruel injustice? 2. Redirect your heart toward the Lord. Let your heart be trained to seek heaven’s God. 3. Believe the Lord’s eternal promise. You will be kept by Him and will worship Him forever. He will take you to His holy hill or bring His sanctuary down upon the earth.
Christ suffered here below to win a battle for us that was far beyond our strength. He has now ascended to His father where He lives in eternal joy. He assures us that He will soon take us to be where He is. Let us set our affections on Him and on the glorious kingdom He has prepared for all who trust in Him.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Almighty King, You are not intimidated by strong men with evil intentions. Well-armed nations with thousands of soldiers do not impress You, no matter how powerful and wicked they may be. You are above them all. We will praise You forever. Our hope is in You alone.