Psalm 4

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!” David had known the Lord’s relief in earlier times of distress. He needed His gracious mercy again now.
After addressing God in the opening verse of the psalm, David directly spoke to those who were harassing him. What God considered honorable these powerful accusers were trying to turn into shame. Their lies were empty words that they were using in an attempt to bring down the Lord’s friend.
David forthrightly confronted his godless enemies. He knew himself to be a godly man. He was convinced that Jehovah would hear him. He wanted those who were opposing him to know that they had actually set themselves against God by attacking a man whom the Almighty would defend.
Beginning in verse 4 David directed his attention toward God’s true followers who might be able to learn from their leader’s trials. “Be angry, and do not sin.” Anger with evil was not itself wrong, but sin would be crouching at the door in times of testing. In situations of injustice it might be best to be silent and to consider one’s response very carefully before speaking poorly chosen words. It would always be wise to remember the Lord by offering an acceptable sacrifice of praise. A few moments of deliberate resting upon Israel’s trustworthy God might make all the difference.
Perhaps many would find faith a very difficult alternative to choose in the midst of such a challenging test. David would not be swayed by the crowd. He would continue to believe the Lord and call to Him for help. The Lord’s joy would eventually come to him.
A healthy faith, so well exemplified by our Lord in the midst of a great storm, enabled Jesus to sleep in the stern of a boat when His disciples were completely frantic because of the wind and the waves. He knew that His Father would make Him dwell in safety even though there would be rough days ahead.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

God of our Righteousness, You have helped us in the past. Give us relief again today. Our godliness is in Christ alone. We trust You, O God. You will show us goodness, and You will put joy in our hearts again. We will dwell in safety.