Psalm 36

Transgression speaks to the wicked deep in his heart.” David was a “servant of the Lord.” He wrote psalms for Israel with an honest appreciation of the difference between the “wicked” and those who truly feared the Lord. One group imagined that they were safe in their sins—that their iniquity was secret and unknown. The other was honest about their failings but took refuge in the “steadfast love” of God.
Those who were far from the Lord were dedicated to trouble and hatred. Instead of devoting themselves to wisdom and goodness they spent their nights plotting evil deeds that would bring harm to others. David and those who worshiped the Lord with him meditated on their beds at night—not with malicious intentions to destroy the weak, but remembering the righteousness of the Almighty and His faithful love toward them.
God has a feast for those who come to Him with sincere devotion. Their hunger and thirst will be satisfied in the Lord. His table is full of good food. He has refreshing drink for his children from a river of “delights.” We have only had a small taste of the “life” that comes from His fountain. As David wrote so long ago, “In Your light do we see light.”
Because of the life and death of Jesus for us, we can have confidence that God will not cast us off. Even if He seems to hide His face for a season, His steadfast love will never fail. The arrogant and the wicked will not be able to achieve their evil designs forever. The righteous who are oppressed by perverse men will be rescued by the Lord. The “evildoers” will “lie fallen.” They will be “unable to rise,” but we will live forever because of the resurrection of Jesus, our eternal King.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Holy God, we hate the way of wicked men. Take us far away from the evil path. You are perfect in righteousness and steadfast love. We would follow You forever. Grant us Your love, that we might always see Your light in the land of the living.