Psalm 35

Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me!” David asked the Lord to fight against those who were fighting against him. He needed God to be his “salvation.” He wanted God to use all the powers of heaven and earth against those who were seeking his life.
These enemies of David hated him without a cause. If they were to fall into the pit they had prepared for him, then David would “rejoice in the Lord.” They were too strong for him. Only the Lord could deliver David from severe danger.
David’s foes were not strangers. When these former friends had faced trouble, he had fasted and prayed for them. Yet when David stumbled, they gathered together against him.
David had friends as well as foes. He knew that there were those who would “delight in my righteousness.” He was part of a community of faith who would be glad when the Lord destroyed his adversaries. They would “shout for joy,” not just for a moment, but “evermore.” They would see God’s justice against the wicked and would say, “Great is the Lord, who delights in the welfare of his servant!”
Why did people hate David so much? Even more importantly, why did people hate the Messiah, the promised Son of David? There is no good answer. Yet the Scriptures had to be fulfilled. They hated this great Servant of God without a cause. Because of His death and resurrection, the evil of His enemies has been exposed, and a great community of worshipers has been assembled. Their shouts of joy will never be silenced. They will never abandon the Son of David. They will rejoice in the Lord forever.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Protector God, powerful foes are pursuing Your people. Let them be disappointed in their wicked goals. Foil them through the ministry of holy angels. Stop the progress of the man who seeks an evil conquest over the weak. Help us to be safely innocent regarding the ways of evil. May we feed the hungry, and help the poor in their time of need. Bring us one day into the great congregation of perfected men and angels in Your heavenly sanctuary. You see all things. Help us now in a true and holy cause. Bring about a wonderful victory for the glory of Your matchless name. Great are You, O Lord! We will praise You forever!