Psalm 3

O Lord, how many are my foes!” These opening words of lament were connected in the psalm’s title to very severe troubles within David’s own household. His son, Absalom, was leading an insurrection against the king.
Absalom was not alone. He had many followers who thought that it was time for David to go. They were convinced that the God who had always come to David’s aid would not save him any more.
David himself found confidence in the Lord even at this low moment. God would be a shield for David in every battle. The Almighty would be glorified and that would have implications for those who were counted as His followers. The Lord’s glory would bring great blessing to those, like the king, who were trusting in Jehovah. God would hear David’s song—this was the king’s trust. The Lord would send help from heaven.
David could lie down and sleep with the confidence of true faith. He did not need to be ruled by fear. The Lord would rise up and defeat all of the king’s enemies.
The psalm ends with a great memory verse in two parts: “Salvation belongs to the Lord,” and then this confident petition, “Your blessing be on Your people!” The same God who is the Author and Perfecter of our eternal life will certainly bring blessing on all those He counts as His children.
If David could sing this psalm when his own son had turned against him, perhaps we can sing it as well in our troubles. Jesus, the greatest descendant of David, has done everything necessary to secure our salvation. Because of Him, Jehovah has spoken the greatest benediction upon all those who call upon His Name.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord, Your Son faced enemies who were all around Him. He cried out to You, and You helped Him in a day when thousands of traitors were against Him. Salvation belongs to You. Bless Your people who come to You through Jesus Christ.