Psalm 28

To you, O Lord, I call.” David needed a God who could hear him. He was in grave danger, and if the Lord did not help him, he was convinced that he would “go down to the pit.” David’s worship was more than a religious duty. The king of Israel was a desperate man who looked for God to save him from his enemies.
David knew all about the wicked. They spoke peace to their neighbors, but it was all a sham. They were ready to abuse those around them for their own sordid gain. He looked for God to give these evil people what they deserved. He was convinced that the Lord would “tear them down and build them up no more.”
God’s servant could worship the Lord now with confidence. He had brought His petition to the Almighty and he was convinced that God would do what was right. He would sing to the Lord with the assurance that his cause was just and that God would not ignore his petition.
The great I-am would not forget His anointed. David was the Lord’s chosen king for Israel, but there would be a descendant of David who would one day be declared to be God’s Anointed over all of the earth. This Christ would show His strength in accomplishing His saving mercy through His death on the cross. Because of His resurrection from the dead we have been granted faith that the Lord will save His people. Our great Shepherd will not abandon His beloved sheep. He will hold us in His loving arms and will never let us go.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Hear us, O Lord! We cry to You for mercy and help. In this evil world, men speak peace to us, but they plot our speedy destruction. Your Son faced trouble in the days of His earthly ministry. He suffered greatly for us. You will surely save Your people and bless our future. You will carry us forever.