Psalm 26

Vindicate me, O Lord!” David looked for God to acknowledge him openly as a man of integrity. He believed that he really trusted the Lord “without wavering.” He thought that if the Almighty were to test him, even down to the depths of his soul, he would be proven to be a man who was actually walking in the steadfast love and faithfulness of God.
As he reviewed his own life he knew that his worship was not hypocritical. The outward rituals he performed were not a coverup for inner evil. He did not perform his public duties of prayer and praise only to then join up with thieves who were working out their wicked plots together.
When David spoke openly of his love for the Lord, he was telling the truth. His affections for God and for heaven were real. He could not believe that God would treat him like “bloodthirsty men” whose hands were “full of bribes.” He was convinced that he would receive the reward of those who were true followers of the Lord.
Nonetheless, even as David recommitted his life to obedience before God, he asked the Lord to “redeem” him and to “be gracious” to him. Redemption is for people who have been sold into bondage by their guilt and need to be bought back from slavery by God. Graciousness is for all who need something more than the Lord’s strictest justice. How could David look for vindication based on his own performance, but then conclude this psalm with a request for the Lord’s gift of mercy?
David understood a great mystery. He knew that even His best intentions and actions were an expression of God’s prior kindness to him. He believed that the Lord would secure for him a more perfect record of holiness than he could ever achieve on his own. With confidence in God’s love, David knew what we have now come to experience. A perfect Messiah has redeemed us. Because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ we will stand with David in “the great assembly.” Together with all those who have been granted the gift of faith we will “bless the Lord” without any fear of condemnation.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God of Righteousness, help us today. Your Son lived in perfect innocence. Make us true followers of Him. May we walk in His integrity. We worship You as Your chosen assembly, for we have been covered by the atoning blood of our holy Savior.