Psalm 24

The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof.” Everything around David, even the most powerful people ruling over the greatest empires, belonged to the Lord. God was the one who created the earth. He made the dry land appear. He provided rivers of fresh water for man and beast. All of life owed its existence to Him.
Far beyond the visible realms of all that dwelt below, the Lord also ruled over the heavens. Who would ever be able to join God in that holy habitation? Only the person who had “clean hands” and a “pure heart.”
The Lord alone was the judge over everything that He had made. He would not have fellowship with idolaters or liars. Only those who were sincere imitators of God would receive His blessing.
Could David himself ever be such a man? He wrote here that those who would “seek the face of the God of Jacob” would find the Lord to be the God of their salvation. The Almighty would grant them righteousness as a gift. This would be the only hope for the humble worshiper who was aware of his imperfections.
People who would seek God would one day be a part of His heavenly temple. They would gladly receive the “King of glory” referred to at the end of this psalm. Only Jesus had truly clean hands and a completely pure heart. He accomplished all that He promised to do. When He ascended into heaven He was welcomed home as a victorious conqueror. Because of His victory we have received a great gift from God. We are able to live in the presence of the God who owns everything in heaven and on earth.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great God of Our Salvation, You created the earth. You have loved righteousness. The Man You have chosen has made the way for us to be with You in heaven. The Lord Jesus is the King of Glory. He has entered the heavenly sanctuary, and we are united with Him forever.