Psalm 2

Why would the nations hate the Messiah King of Israel? Why would the rulers of the earth set themselves against God and against His Christ? The One who comes to die and rise again, winning a resurrection kingdom for all who believe, also comes to reign, and that reign is a threat to every lesser authority that will not bow the knee to Him.
Herod and Pilate, together with Gentiles and Jews, plotted against Jesus Christ, culminating in His death on the cross. (See Acts 4:24-28.) The record of Psalm 2, one thousand years prior to these events, should convince us that the cross did not catch the Almighty by surprise. This psalm reminds us that the Lord has His perfect purposes in the sufferings of His Anointed, and that the Christ who died for our salvation reigns over all.
The supremacy of the Lord over all the nations of the earth is not welcomed by anyone who believes himself to be the highest authority in his corner of the world. What is the reaction of the Lord God Almighty to such rebellion? He laughs.
God is not unreasonable or unstable in His passions. He is not like men in that way. He is not frightened when we shake our fist at the heavens. He does not fly off in a rage. His emotions, though intense, are settled.
God may laugh at the foolishness of kings who think that they can stop Him. But laughter is not His only reaction, and this laughter of the Almighty is not the kind that we want to hear. He speaks to these kings of the world in His wrath.
The words that He relates are like a sentence of death to those who persist in their rebellion, but to those who have come to love the final King of Israel, the great Son of God, the words of Psalm 2 have become a message of life: “I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill.”
Establishing Jesus as the great resurrection King with all authority in heaven and earth was not the idea of the New Testament church. That decision was made long before Psalm 2 was written. It was a decree of God, and though it was announced in various places in the Old Testament, it was especially made known in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The wrath of God was coming against us. It would have broken us like a rod of iron. We would have been dashed to pieces as easily as a potter would throw a rejected vessel against a wall. Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush His beloved Anointed in our place.
Kiss the Son and serve Him. He embraced you in His death and atoned for your sins. He is Lord. “Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Glorious Creator, this world is full of powerful enemies who oppress Your people and reject the Messiah. Your power is far above all that You have created. You have secured the position of Your Son as King of kings. All the world should kiss Your Son, lest they perish.