Psalm 19

The heavens declare the glory of God.” In this song written for Israel’s worship, David wrote about a gift that all the people groups of the earth could appreciate. God had declared His greatness to everyone through the vast expanse of the heavens. This “speech” of creation told a story of the One who had made all that was seen and unseen.
David drew attention particularly to the sun with poetic admiration for the Lord who ruled over it. The sun that rose every day in the east was like a strong young man, a bridegroom, following a path with great joy that would lead to his beloved bride. The appropriate response to the glory of the sun was to look beyond what could be seen to the One who ruled over all of nature, and to sing to the great Creator.
This one Lord was YHWH, the God who had spoken to Israel. Through the Scriptures, David and all who would hear the Lord could admire and obey a being far more glorious than the sun. The Word of the Lord was perfect, and it brought life to the soul that would otherwise be dead. It was a sure testimony that could safely be trusted. By this Word, every believing heart could discover the joy of a pure and clean life.
The Word of God was a great gift to those who would listen and obey. It was more valuable than the purest gold and more delicately sweet than the very best honey. The substantial benefits of this great Word would come to the person who not only heard the voice of God, but also followed it.
The Word was so right that going against it was a very serious evil. David expressed the danger of even his own unintentional faults and the attacks that might come from temptations to commit deliberate sin. How could anyone be innocent of great transgression?
God has made a way for us to have perfect forgiveness and bold confidence through the coming of a Son of David who would have no sin. This great descendent might not appear to be impressive to others, but in His moral perfections and His powerful miracles He has displayed the glory of the Lord. He came in the flesh as the perfect Word of God and gave Himself for us on the cross to secure our eternal salvation. He is our Rock and our Redeemer. Through Him we are acceptable to our heavenly Father who has loved us with an everlasting love. We admire His greatness in every gift of creation. We seek His direction in every Word of the Scriptures.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Creator God, we hear of You from every mountaintop and from the vastness of the oceans that exist according to Your will. In the skies we see who You are from all that You have made. But now You have spoken to us so clearly and wonderfully in Your written word. Help us to love Your speech, and keep us from the foolishness of willful rebellion against You. Change us that we might love Your Law more and more with a pure heart.