Psalm 148

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise Him in the heights! Praise Him, all His angels; praise Him, all His hosts!” Israel needed to know that even the angels in the highest realms were supposed to worship God. The glorious spheres that filled the skies—the sun, the moon, and all the starry host—could also be called upon to perform their sacred duties. They too were reminded that they should shine with joy for the glory of their Maker.
Why should unseen angels and far-off stars join all of creation in glorifying God? “He commanded and they were created.” They did not spring out of nothingness. The Lord made every creature and they all continued to exist by His “decree.” Perhaps Israel could not hear the words that the stars would say to their Lord. Yet God’s people knew that it was only right that all the great works of creation should bless the Name of the eternal Lord of the universe.
Mountains, trees, beasts, and birds existed for the pleasure of the Almighty. Certainly human beings all over the earth needed to give honor to the God who gave them amazing capabilities of reason and communication. Should mighty kings be so arrogant that they imagined it beneath themselves to worship the Lord? Could young men and women be excused from taking their place in the assembly of the righteous because they were too busy with the gifts of creation to spend time singing to the Creator?
May it never be! Jehovah must be exalted forever. His majesty “is above earth and heaven.” His people in particular should always rejoice in their God since He “has raised up a horn” of salvation for them. By the blast of His trumpet He calls them to worship and brings them victory over their enemies. Those who are “near to Him” know that He has rescued them from foes who were too strong for them. With the proclamation of the saving message of Jesus to the very ends of the earth, many have come to understand that the rights and duties of praise are not just for “the people of Israel.” His “saints” include many millions who were once far away from the land of the Jews. They have now discovered what a blessing it is to call upon the Name of the God of Jacob.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

O God in Heaven, we worship You together with all the heavenly beings and all of Your creation in earthly realms. Your decrees are perfect and shall be perfectly accomplished. All that You have made will serve Your wise and holy purposes. You will display the greatness of Your glory at just the right time. We shall be near You forever in the majesty of Your Son.