Psalm 133

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” David experienced much conflict during His years of service. In a world plagued by sin and division, the joy of united endeavor was not easy to maintain. The Lord could bring this good gift to His people as they approached Him in worship. David extolled the pleasantness of such a mercy sent from heaven.
Togetherness among the people of God was like the oil used in anointing the High Priest who wore special garments first made for Aaron, the brother of Moses. It was a privilege to draw near to the Almighty and to offer to God the sacrifices of Israel. Only the descendants of Aaron could perform the duties of the Old Testament priesthood. They were set apart for these tasks by ordination. The fragrant blessing that flowed down upon the head, the beard, and the holy garment of the priest was a symbol of a gift of God that would come down from heaven upon a far greater priesthood so many years later.
The Lord would grant to His church the unity of the Holy Spirit and a peace that would be beyond our understanding. It would flow down like dew from heaven upon all those who would worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Jesus, our great High Priest would send forth this great Comforter to His church and unite us in faith and love.
Today the church may still face moments of disagreement and contention. At such times we are called to remember that we have one Lord who is over all and in all. We need to listen to each other and seek to understand the will of the Lord. We can sing Psalm 133, as God’s people have for many centuries, and remember the goodness of the Lord. The King who died for our sins will surely unite us together in perfect heavenly peace.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Great Lord, it is a joy to be together with our brothers as we serve You in peace. We are Your people. You have given us the oil of gladness. Our security in Christ will never be taken away.