Psalm 12

Save, O Lord, for the godly one is gone.” David brought before God the sad state of the entire nation. “The faithful have vanished among the children of men.” There once had been a substantial group of people who were devoted to the Lord. Where were they now?
There remained many Israelites who said nice things, but their hearts did not match their pleasant words. “Everyone utters lies to his neighbor.” They were guilty of flattery and boasting, imagining that their great words would bring them mastery over others. They had forgotten the Lord.
God had not abandoned the poor and the needy. He heard their groans. He would arise and save them. His words were not false, though so many others were liars. The Lord would be true to His promises.
In every generation the faithful remnant of worshipers can still sing these ancient words. They can remember the purity of God’s speech, even in an age when false talk seems to rule among important men and women. God will guard the weak from the evil plans of the powerful. Though the wicked seem to prowl on every side, the Lord who gave Himself to save His people from sin and death will protect them from those who would like to destroy the godly from the face of the earth.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

God of Our Salvation, there are troubles and dangers all around us. Please help us. The needy cry out to You every day. In Your purity and love, You will keep us and rescue us.