Psalm 119

[ALEPH] Bless me Lord with all obedience.
[BETH] How can I obey? Only by Your Word.
[GIMEL] Deal bountifully. Give me Your fullness.
[DALETH] Clings—My soul clings to dust. Oh Life!
[HE] Teach me Your way. I will follow You.
[WAW] And may this come to me: eternal love.
[ZAYIN] Remember Your promise. I remember.
[HETH] My portion? You, Your Word, Your love.
[TETH] Well have you dealt with me, even in grief.
[YODH] Your hands made me. Comfort me in love.
[KAPH] Faints—My soul faints for You, Oh Lord.
[LAMEDH] Unto eternity You will be faithful.
[MEM] Oh how I love Your Word! It is my delight!
[NUN] A lamp to my feet! The joy of my heart!
[SAMEKH] The double-minded I hate. I fear You.
[AYIN] I have done what You said. I wait for You.
[PE] Wonderful! Your Word is wonderful.
[TSADHE] Righteous! Your Son is forever true.
[QOPH] I cry to You Lord Jesus! Save me!
[RESH] Look on me now and give me life.
[SIN/SHIN] Princes hate me. I hope in You.
[TAW] Let my song come to Your ear. Rescue me!
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Our Father, we should follow You in everything that we do. We should pay very close attention to Your Word. Your Son has followed You perfectly. We admire His perfect love of Your Word. He spoke the truth in everything. He also had perfect wisdom. He knew when to say nothing and when to speak up. We marvel at the story of Jesus Christ. He grew in wisdom and stature. He learned Your Law, and He eagerly walked in the way of Your statutes. He kept Your testimonies to the end. Through Him we have life. We do not speak of Him as merely a man from the past. Jesus is alive forever. The One who faced such difficulties for our sake was perfectly victorious in His mission. Therefore, He lives forever. He will always love Your instructions. There were many who stood against Him. Despite the challenge of the test that was before Him, He remembered Your Law, and He walked in the way of Your precepts. He loved You and loved us. This was perfectly displayed in His death on the cross. Your Word is so very valuable. It is worth much more than gold. Even the afflictions with which You test us are surely for our good. Forgive us when we would turn away from Your Word. There is no good reason for us to do this. Lord, we pray that You would give us life in the midst of great difficulties. Will we fall from the delight of knowing You? Will we be among the foolish who reject Your commandments? May it never be, O God. Your grace is so very necessary for us. Give us understanding. Help us to turn away from every temptation. Teach us Your rules. There is no hope for the one who would reject Your Word forever. Your Son never deviated from Your Law for even a moment. Lord, why would we consider the world more reliable than Your Word? Why are we drawn toward foolishness and sin? Father, we do love You. When we are in trouble, we do not always know what to say. Please help us to remember Your Word, and give us the right words to speak, that we might humbly express our reasons for the hope that lies within us. You are righteous, and Your Law is righteous. We are willing to be despised by the world. We do not want to wander from You again. Please help us in every test. Enemies would try to destroy us. You are near to help us in our affliction, for Your Word is in our hearts. No matter how many are faithless, we will stay in the way of life. Is there still hope for us? Surely You have forgiven our sins. You will bring us into the land of the living. We do love Your Law. Look beyond the foolishness of our murmuring. Surely You will let our souls live. If we go astray, please seek us, O great Shepherd of the sheep. We will not forget Your commandments.