Psalm 110

The LORD says to my Lord: ‘Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.’” In this puzzling opening to David’s psalm, Yahweh spoke to someone that David referred to as “my Lord.” Who was this second Lord? He was the Christ who would be both a descendant of David and the eternal Son of God. Jesus would ascend on high after His resurrection and would sit at the right hand of the Father—the place of power and authority—until all the enemies of the Messiah were brought under His feet.
The Lord Jesus has been reigning since His resurrection and ascension on high. “Rule in the midst of Your enemies!” He reigns from a better Zion than the Jerusalem below, and the scope of His authority is far beyond what David achieved in his own day.
The Lord who died for our sins has a group of varied people from all over the world who “offer themselves freely” to Him. This is the day of His power. Though it may not appear that He is reigning now, the New Testament quotes of Psalm 110 make it abundantly clear that Jesus is already Lord. That is why the gospel is finally going to all the nations. All who receive Him are being clothed in the “holy garments” of His righteousness and cleansed with the dew of heaven—the Holy Spirit.
As God promised, Jesus is both King and Priest, like the Melchizedek of old from Genesis 14. As our High Priest, Jesus offered up Himself as a sacrifice in our place. Though He died for us, He now lives forever to offer up prayers to His Father on our behalf.
During this time of His reign, He is using His people to bring the Word of peace everywhere, but the “day of His wrath” is swiftly approaching. The leaders and citizens of every nation would do well to hear His ambassadors now and to receive His generous offer of reconciliation. One day He will “shatter chiefs over the wide earth.” He who suffered for our sins will “lift up His head” above every tyrant and enemy. We who have already been saved by His grace should certainly worship and serve Him today with grateful hearts.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great Redeemer, You are Lord, and Your Son is also the Lord at Your right hand. Together with Your Son and Your Spirit, You are one God. May Jesus Christ rule as the King of Your kingdom forever. May we be willing servants of our royal High Priest every day. Surely no one can stand against Him, for He reigns eternally in the fullness of Your Holy Spirit.