Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!” Giving thanks to God was an essential activity not only for Israel but for all who would worship the Lord from among the other nations of the earth. They were to do this not because of some grudging duty but with the “gladness” of joyful singing. Through the worship of the Almighty they could “come into His presence.”
Yahweh is the great God of creation. “It is He who made us.” He was not content that we would existent without knowing Him. He formed us into a new people who would be defined by our redemption out of the slavery of sin and our settled association with Him as His beloved people. We have heard the voice of our Shepherd and we are His sheep. He laid down His life for us and leads us home.
The Lord of Israel has a place for us in His house. How can we find our way to Him? We “enter His gates with thanksgiving.” We have access to our Savior as we praise Him and bless His Name.
We do not have to be forced into these activities of worship against our will. We have experienced the goodness of God. We have discovered His steadfast love personally and have found the record of “His faithfulness to all generations” in the Scriptures.
The Lord of Israel is the Savior who died for us and lives again as our resurrection King. We place our trust entirely in Him.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father, the duty of worship is not only for Israel. All Your people throughout the earth should love and serve You. We thank You for Your steadfast love, secured for us in the life and death of Your Son.