Proverbs 9

The Lord has sent out an invitation to a great banquet. Many are called, but few seem to respond, even among those who have some association with Jesus. He invites people to partake of a veritable feast of heavenly wisdom. It is the food that our souls need. Will we hear the Lord’s entreaties?
There are other alternatives. If we are always filling our bellies with the buffet of choices available all around us, we will have no appetite left for the food that Christ brings by His Holy Spirit. For instance, the world has a mountain of mocking cynicism that we can unwisely take into our hearts. If we get used to that bad diet we turn into scoffers. A quick wit may win us laughs, but it can deaden our ears toward the truth.
Folly is shouting out to us with her brash offers. She advertises the virtues of stolen goods rather than the fruit of honest labor. She leads people to secret places of shame and confusion. How can we avoid significant moral error? We need to hear the call of Christ instead of the voice that would make unholy pathways seem attractive and profitable.
Jesus has bread and wine for us in the assembly of those who see His death as the way to eternal life. He invites us to love one another, not by being clever or popular, but by growing together as we hear His voice. The wisdom of the Lord leads us into holy relationships where we are willing to consider others more highly than we do ourselves. This is not the way of the world, but it is the way of the cross. It is the good counsel of the Almighty and it leads to a world of resurrection life.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

O God of Wisdom, You have invited us to have communion with You. Grant us help from on high, that we may increase in wisdom. Help us to resist folly. Folly moves foolish people on a pathway of deceit, crime, and death. We need You. We need Your strength. It is not enough for us to know the way of wisdom. We must walk in it. We must come into Your home. We must sit down at Your table. We must rise up day by day and embrace You. Make us wise, O God.