Proverbs 8

Christ is the Wisdom of God in person, and we receive His love for us as the Husband of His people. But here in Proverbs 8, the wisdom of God is personified as a very beautiful and godly woman. Her voice is a holy call that can be heard by those who have ears to hear.
Wisdom calls all people to herself. All her words are true and noble, and the life that she has for those who love her is a life of virtue and fruitfulness. Those who embrace this great gift of the Lord find godliness with contentment, which is greater gain than all the wealth of the world.
Who is the hero of Proverbs 8? The great gift extolled here cannot be an alternative to the Lord of the church. She springs forth from God, the fount of every good gift. Her heritage is from of old, even before the foundation of the world. A master workman with the Almighty in all His deeds of creation, like a child of God, wisdom was rejoicing before Him always and receiving His loving commendation throughout eternity past.
The sons of God throughout the world will listen to this lovely voice. Seeing this great virtue with the eyes of our hearts is seeing the face of the One who lived for us in perfect wisdom. Hearing His voice in the Word and in the revelation that comes through creation is hearing the One who says to His disciples, “Follow Me.”
We need to answer the call of the Wisdom of God. In His beautiful voice, the voice of Jesus our Redeemer, is the blessing of a life that calls us forward on the path of faith. In His presence we find the One that leads us onward toward our heavenly home.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great God and King, You are the Source of all wisdom. Your Son is wisdom incarnate. He has spoken noble things. He has hated wickedness and lawlessness. He has perfectly attended to Your holy instruction. All knowledge and discretion are in Him. If we will seek wisdom with all our hearts, we will be able to lead well in the spheres where You have placed us. Grant to us the inheritance of those who have truly embraced Your wisdom. We marvel at what You have accomplished in all Your perfect wisdom. Through wisdom You have made the heavens and the earth. Through this same wisdom You maintain all of Your works according to Your plan. Through Your wisdom we have been delivered from the way that leads to death. Wisdom has always been Your delight. We will listen to the One who is Your wisdom, and we will find life and peace in Him.