Proverbs 7

The life of following Jesus Christ requires many daily choices. The question before each one of us is the one that Jesus asked His disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” If Jesus is the Christ, the Lord, the Son of the Living God, then following Him will require the rejection of lesser loves that are found to be inconsistent with the wisdom that is from above.
The young man who consents to the enticements of an adulterous woman lacks this clarity of spiritual maturity. If he follows the wrong woman, he will go down a road that leads to death.
He is not alone. There are many young men who would make the same choice. But do they know that Jesus is Lord? It is especially sad when a young man who professes faith in Christ is enticed away from the love of wisdom by a woman who is not worthy of his best affection.
When he says yes to another man’s wife, he acts like an undisciplined animal who can only follow his appetite. Her husband will hunt him down when he finds out what he has done. Even if that husband never knows about his wife’s infidelity, or if for some strange reason he does not care, the Lord will know.
What a mistake! Run away from immorality and run back to the embrace of the One who forgives all of your sins. He knows how to restore foolish young men who have been led away from Him for a season. He knows how to heal a woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places.
Do not look upon the disaster of an unholy lifestyle as inevitable. Ask the Lord of love for a heart of wisdom and receive His grace once again.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God, what is our twisted confusion that we find wickedness so attractive? How many times do we need to hear warnings against adultery? Isn’t the danger of sexual relationships outside of the protection of marriage a very obvious thing? Yet the young are exceedingly foolish on these matters, and even adults are slow to grow up. They still cling to the stupidity of unclean sexual behavior and look so foolish in their aging lusts. Protect us all from this way of sin long before it finds a dangerous resting place in our hearts. Surely we are not yet beyond this kind of evil. It could so easily infect our souls and destroy our lives. Protect us from this kind of deadly behavior.