Proverbs 6

How does a man restart his life after he has made a terrible decision? The feeling of “no exit” can be overwhelming for someone who is stuck in financial commitments that look like they might bring him down. But the Lord is able to grant a new beginning, and He can help a person to learn a lesson that will help keep him from unnecessary bondage.
Pride can get in the way of our freedom. Will we go and humble ourselves in front of others and seek a fresh start? When we have our lives back again, what will we do then? We need to settle on good plans of daily diligence and abandon get rich quick schemes. Even when our outrageous plans seem to work, they may take a toll on body and soul that we will later find unbearable. If we can get out of bondage today, we should do so, and thank the Lord for our daily bread.
Greed is such a dangerous blindness. A diseased soul places himself above God and makes schemes. Is he even in charge of his next breath? Will he have another chance to find peace?
The Lord is God. He is the Almighty One. There are ways of life that He loves, and habits of the heart that He hates. God will not be mocked. Our only hope is in the righteousness of His Son, but that hope is sure. Through the cross of Christ we have the forgiveness of a debt that was far more than we could have ever paid. We also have the power of a new day, a day beyond the wretched mess of our past choices.
It would be great if we did not have to learn lessons of holiness the hard way. We could listen to those who know. We could especially listen to Jesus, the Word made flesh. We could worship God through Him and turn away from a dangerous path before we get stuck in the mud.
How can we pursue holiness in matters of sexual intimacy? A life of wandering affections is not worthy of our immortal souls. We will only regret our indiscretions. We must not go there. If we find ourselves where we ought not to be, we should get out immediately, before we lose our lives.
Yet many people do not heed the voice that God has appointed for their instruction. They imagine that they know better. They see a forbidden prize and determine to go for it.
The Lord is God. There is a way He has provided in the wilderness that leads back home to Him. Jesus is that way. Thank the Lord for repentance and the gift of a new sunrise in the embrace of our faithful and holy Friend.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Our Father, please protect us from the foolish snare of inappropriate financial commitments. Help us to live in an orderly way, diligent in our duties, and seeking good in all situations. Thank you for the hope that we have of a coming day of perfect deliverance from all sin. Even now we turn away from those things that You hate. We thank You for the gift of those who have taught us the right way to go. Help us not to forsake their good counsel. Keep us from an adulterous woman. She destroys her lovers. We are so grateful for Your perfect faithfulness and holiness, credited to us through faith in Jesus Christ our Redeemer.