Proverbs 5

How can a young man keep his way pure?” (Psalm 119:9) We must not decide that purity is utterly impossible, as if the Lord were asking us all to travel to the moon by our own power. There is an answer given in Psalm 119 to this very important question: “By living according to Your Word.”
This is what Jesus did for us. He heard the voice of His Father, and He listened and obeyed.
Not everything that tastes like honey will be good for a man’s soul. But will he have the wisdom to reject temptation before it becomes a powerful impulse within him? Will he see the world God’s way, or will he fall for the common conceit that his own understanding is better than the Word of the Lord? Will the words of a seductive woman who may not even know what she is doing be more appealing to him than the voice of God?
Forgiveness is very plentiful for all who repent and believe. We can thank Jesus for that. But the consequences of an immoral lifestyle cannot be wished away in a moment. May the Lord heal those who sincerely come to Him for help.
Unguarded affections kill. In the end a young man may come to see how he has ruined his life, but at that moment of new wisdom he may also discover that he has many troubles that will not be repaired instantly and easily. Then he will regret his foolishness. Why not hear that word today, before the initial steps of an undisciplined life are taken?
The Lord’s lawful provision for a man is found in marriage to the right woman. What is so bad about waiting for God to provide a good wife and enjoying an honorable life together with her? A man can rejoice in her love for the rest of his days, and experience the amazing blessing of having a family. This is the best way for him to go. If that is not God’s providence for a particular person, he should remember that a single life of devoted service to the Lord can also be blessed by God.
Early decisions can be a matter of life or death. But will young men hear and believe?
There was one Man who perfectly heard and fully obeyed. Jesus saw His beloved as someone to be saved and protected, and not as an object to be used and discarded. He kept His way pure by guarding it according to the Word of His Father. He willingly received death for His bride, the church, so that we would live forever.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great God, we need to hear You. We must have discretion. We cannot live in the pursuit of base pleasures. There are much better delights that You have for those who are willing to love Your Word and Your presence among us. We think back to former days. We hated discipline. But You rescued us from that dangerous life. You have shown to many the gift of the love of one woman. We thank You for the blessing of marriage, and we ask that You would keep us from seductive thoughts, words, and actions that would destroy our lives.