Proverbs 3

Can we trust the Lord with our sons and daughters? Can we believe that our entreaties to God and to our young ones have not fallen on deaf ears?
There may be periods in the lives of those who are growing up when it would seem that all is lost. But the Lord is able to help His beloved children to remember Him and His Word.
Both parent and child need to hear the Word of the Lord and believe. We need to know that the steadfast love and faithfulness of Jesus is not only our salvation, but also the way of life for us that is worthy of sincere imitation.
Our minds can come up with objections to the lifestyle of true faith, but we must not entertain unbelief as a welcomed guest in our souls. We must not let faithlessness into our hearts. The Lord is not only the best guest in our home, He is the perfect Lord of the entire estate. He will direct our paths. We must give Him our first and our best. He deserves nothing less.
Even the day of discipline that comes from our Father’s hand can lead us to honest thanksgiving. Imagine that the God of the universe, the Father of our Savior, cares enough for us to ordain our trials. He has a good purpose behind every challenging moment. God is causing us, often through these sufferings, to grow in wisdom. Wisdom is a very good gift that is worth the momentary affliction that we may face today.
The Lord made the earth in perfect wisdom. We cannot understand the events in our individual lives, but He has perfect command over the vast array of details that make up all the realms that He has brought into being. Of course we can trust Him. He has given us His Son. The Lord is our confidence.
Is there a good path in front of us today? We should take that road, and trust in God. Stay away from all evil and unnecessary contention. Our days here below are few. Use them well, and look for the blessing that the Lord will bring on the dwelling of the righteous.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Sovereign Lord, we have taught our children the way to go. Forgive us where we have failed in our duties. Will the next generation remember that way of righteousness and follow it? Father, we admit to You that we have been wise in our own eyes. This is not the way of hope. Thank You for the discipline that You have given us. We see that You have moved us in the way of the cross through Your hand of correction. May we walk securely in faith and love. Give us diligence and prosperity that we might have something to share with those in need. We want You, O Lord. Give us wisdom so that we will know how to live in humility and peace.