Proverbs 25

The Lord places people in authority over others. Particularly in a time of war these rulers make life and death decisions every day. Who is sufficient for these things? Above every commander is the one King who is more than capable in wisdom, power, and love.
Leading others well is a gift from God. It requires a good ear and a sound mind, but especially self-control in speech. A ruler’s voice sets people in motion. Because of his directives certain people will live and others will die.
A commanding officer faces so many different situations that require much wisdom. He must make good choices concerning the character of those around him. When he weighs evidence before making a decision, he must have sound judgment concerning the truth of what he has heard from his advisers. If he makes unwise plans others will suffer loss.
How will he help those who come to him for direction? What will he say to his subjects in their times of brokenness? How will he treat his adversaries? Will he give his enemy “bread to eat” if he is hungry and “water to drink” if he is thirsty? Will he have grace toward those who are defeated and humility before the Lord God Almighty? How will he live with those who are closest to him—the members of his own household? Will he have the insight necessary to see the schemes of wicked people and courage enough to stand in their way? Will he have self-control?
We only know the quality of a commander after he has been tested. The Captain of our salvation has faced the most horrific trials for us. He fought the good fight. He finished the race. He kept the faith. He is the Supreme Ruler over all.
When we face our greatest losses, it is comforting to consider that Jesus is the King of a kingdom that will never fail. Let us listen to His Word and care for each other by the power of the Holy Spirit. And let us wait patiently for the appearing of our King.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Glorious Lord, You know so many things that seem beyond us. What joy there is in seeking out knowledge in the right way! Thank You for the life of order and character that You have decreed for Your servants. Teach us to discover the way of goodness as we grow in years. May we remember the lessons that we have already learned. Make these to be good habits in a life that is well-ordered. How should we treat our enemies? How can we deal with the contentious? What is the right way to care for the poor? Lord, we will surely travel down fruitless pathways if we ignore Your wisdom. What great benefits You have given to us in a right consideration of the lives of those who have gone before us.