Proverbs 24

Wisdom has moral content. It is not just about being smart, it is about being good. It is the same as following Jesus, since Jesus is the Wisdom of God who came to live and die for us. To follow Jesus is to follow wisdom.
Living our lives in envy of evil people is foolish and wrong. Jesus did not fall for that trap.
Wisdom is a step by step endeavor. It is the way a godly person is built up. It brings the moral growth that leads to the fullness of what a Christian adult should be.
We need Christian adults. They are warriors for the love of the cross. They do not allow themselves to be so entangled in sin as to be of little use to the eternal purpose of Almighty God. People addicted to folly cannot rescue the weak from disaster since they are running toward trouble all the time themselves. They lack spiritual discernment.
Those who are following the Lord’s way of wisdom do stumble, but they get up again by His grace and they grow in the Lord. They honor Him and obey governing authorities that He has established. They know who holds the key to the future and attend to His Word.
A life of wisdom is lived out in the pursuit of integrity. You cannot agree with everyone about everything and be wise. Jesus corrected the Pharisees sharply in their wrong understanding of the Law and in their rejection of the Son of Man. Paul instructed Titus not only to teach sound doctrine but to strongly correct those who contradict it. Wisdom is not just another way of being polite. Some of the things that Jesus said and did were viewed by others as very rude.
Whoever gives an honest answer kisses the lips.” Some situations call for sharp and honest correction. Pursuing wisdom prepares a person for these moments. The Spirit of God will help the Lord’s courageous servant to find the right words to say at just the right time. Attempting to please man at the cost of obeying the Almighty does not lead to that kind of victory.
The righteous man lives in relationship with his Father in heaven. He knows that God knows all things, and he does what pleases his Father. This is the moral house that he has learned to build, brick by brick, decision by decision. Others may have imagined that a little stealing and scheming would yield a more glorious mansion with far less work, but this is not the way of wisdom.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, there is a way of evil and a way of wisdom. Teach us to run from one, and to follow the other. We need Your strength to live wisely in our daily lives. Encourage our hearts in wonderful ways. Teach us to move along in righteousness and truth. Worry will never solve our problems. Grant to us a respect for governing authorities. We need to turn away from wickedness, and to pursue truth, diligence, humility, and even love. Thank You for Your grace. Train us to see the obvious lessons that You have provided all around us that we might live a life of true wisdom.