Proverbs 2

It is a great blessing from the Lord to have a godly father on earth who loves us and seeks to instruct us in the way to go. But will young men and women listen to instruction? How well did we appreciate the discipline that came from our fathers when we were growing up?
Despite all that can go wrong between fathers and sons in this world of sin and suffering, God is eager to speak to us tenderly as those who have a family relation with Him. What a blessing that the Lord of glory would address each of us with the words, “My son!” Will we listen to Him?
If we seek the voice of God and follow His precepts we will find a treasure that is worth more than all the riches in this world. Even though we face a measure of suffering now, the Lord is guiding us in the way of life.
Jesus, who was perfect in holiness, suffered. He has assured us that all who desire to live a godly life in Him will have tribulation. But the wisdom of our good Father, if followed, will keep us from unnecessary troubles.
If we listen to the Word of the best Father, then we will be delivered from the temptations that can come from close association with evil men. They take their delight in what should disgust them. Why should we imitate their bad behavior?
Fools are led away from the good life by dangerous friends or by adulterous women. Yet in Christ there is hope for a son who has wasted his money on prostitutes and remembers that there is food in his Father’s house. There is also deliverance for the woman who has sold her body to men, since she has been redeemed by a Husband who will protect her forever.
Amazing love! How can it be that God would die for prostitutes and sinners? There is still a good future for anyone who will hear the voice of the Lord today, run away from certain destruction, and receive God’s eternal embrace in Jesus Christ.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, we call out to You for insight and understanding. You are the Source of all wisdom. Help us to walk in true integrity as followers of Jesus Christ. He served in the way of righteousness continually. Deliver us from adulterous affections, and from men who rejoice in doing evil. Help us to remember the way of wisdom and to live a life of holiness and fruitfulness. Give us a fuller expectation that we will be with You in the land that You have prepared for those who fear You.