Proverbs 18

God’s instruction should be more important to us than our own opinions. We need to hear His Word with other people who love Him. We should not expect that holiness will naturally arise within us when we pursue a life of self-preoccupation or isolation from the Lord’s family.
Jesus has a fountain of wisdom for us, “a bubbling brook” of life. We can drink from those healthy waters with other Christians.
The Spirit of God says, “Rejoice in the Lord always!” Our sinful flesh wants to add a dissenting opinion. We insist on a soulful rendition of “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.” The Lord will win this contest.
Not all time spent with other people will move us in the right direction. If we listen to “whisperers” who are sowing discontent, how will we be helped to be more like Jesus? But if we open up the Word together, if we pray and sing to the Lord and obey His precepts, our hearts will be healthier.
The ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Will you help your Christian brothers and sisters by following the Word of life? It is the responsibility of a godly community of faith to affirm and obey the message of the Scriptures. We do not deny the reality of trouble, but we know that “the Name of the Lord is a strong tower” for all who trust in Him. We run to Him and find security.
As God’s assembly we use the gifts that He has given us and we are brought into the presence of the greatest King. We serve one another in love and we experience the kind mercy of the beloved Husband of the church.
This is the life that God wants us to live. We have been saved out of folly in order to serve alongside a company of worshipers. We have a Friend who sticks closer to us than a brother. He is leading us to the Father. Think of how He embraced us through His death on the cross. He receives the glorified church as His wonderful bride, a gift of His own grace. May the Lord help us to believe His Word and to walk in the wisdom that comes from knowing Him.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Master, we need to listen to Your wisdom. Forgive us for our wickedness, and for the foolishness of our speech. We desire both purity and peace. Grant to us wise restraint in our thoughts and our words. Rather than rushing into every situation with careless lips, we should rush to You in a time of trouble. We should seek knowledge from You, and listen to others first before we speak. Keep us from unnecessary quarrels. Why should we feed off of our own impulsive words? We would do much better to listen carefully to others and to consider all matters clearly in Your presence.