Proverbs 15

If we look for the very best expression of wise fatherhood, we can do no better than to see the source of all fatherhood in God. If we want to know what that fatherhood looks like, we must turn to Jesus, the Son of the Father and the visible manifestation of the invisible God.
Jesus and the Father are somehow one. When Jesus spoke with such knowledge and power, the Father was speaking. “The lips of the wise spread knowledge.” Our Messiah’s words have given us new insights into the wisdom that comes from above.
God knows all and is still able to speak with restraint. “A gentle tongue is a tree of life.” We can talk to God today and He listens. He invites us to bring our concerns to Him, to praise Him, and to thank Him. It is good for us to express our gratitude to our heavenly Father. What an encouragement to our souls to know that our prayers of thanksgiving are offered up to the Father through His perfect Son!
This great God calls us to have a glad countenance in a world of regret and sorrow. “A glad heart makes a cheerful face.” How can we smile while many people that we care about are suffering so deeply? We remember that Jesus has brought a smile to His Father’s glorious face. God’s heart is full of joy toward us on account of His Son’s obedience. “All the days of the afflicted are evil, but the cheerful of heart has a continual feast.”
Living in God’s blessing is true wisdom. Even though the journey of the Lord’s people takes us through moments of affliction, the life of following Christ eventually moves us in the direction of the best kind of happiness. “The path of life leads upward for the prudent.”
We have good news granted to us from our Father. His holy requirements have been fully satisfied. His Son has done all things well. Our God is very glad. Though He is “far from the wicked,” He hears our prayers. He comes to us with the gentleness of soft-spoken, powerful wisdom. We know that His love will never fail.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God, keep us from words that are unnecessarily harsh. Grant us gentle speech and ears that heed reproof. Our Father, how is it that wickedness so easily finds a resting place in our lives and in our homes? Give us glad hearts as we contemplate the many blessings that You have given to us. May we feast on the fullness of Your grace and wisdom day by day. Move us along on the good highway of righteousness, and grant us a healthy glimpse of our destination, lest we become discouraged and despondent, and turn away from the way of the cross either to the right or to the left.