Monday Morning Clarity – 1 Chronicles 7

The Chronicler finishes his encouragement for a new Israel with some genealogical information from the northern tribes. He emphasizes heroic men (and a few women) who were commanders, warriors, and believers in God’s promise to grant a great inheritance to His chosen ones.
The writer of this history was a messenger of hope for the establishment of a holy nation that would even include the northern tribes who had been displaced so long ago. At the time that he wrote, his vision must have seemed foolish, impossible, and to many, undesirable. Assimilation into the world of the Persians and the Greeks would have appeared to be the more intelligent choice. Yet God had His great purposes in the continuation of a distinct Jewish life through a very difficult moment in history.
Today, a great Light that first was seen in Galilee in the north of the Promised Land now shines for all the tribes of the world (Isaiah 9:1-2). The church’s new Joshua, Jesus, is our Commander in life and death, our Mighty Warrior in a battle for resurrection life, and the Man who was willing to stake His entire life on the faithfulness of the promises of God. We join Him in a conquest of truth and love as His loyal subjects.
The Christian hope goes far beyond a mere restart of Israel. Jesus has secured a new and complete resurrection world for the elect of God from every nation. Though many may dismiss the Messiah’s glorious reign as impossible, we must be willing to to live and to die for the truth that will surely come to pass.