Monday Morning Clarity – 1 Chronicles 3:15-24

Like the Chronicler, we live in a time when our understanding of God and life is a minority view. How do we continue in the midst of the noise and the weariness of this present moment?

1. Replace the noise with quietness.
2. Replace the weariness with rest.

Then consider the longing of the Chronicler as evidenced by these verses that follow the line of David from the sons and grandson of Josiah through Zurubbabel and on to some of the later descendants of the line of kings who never sat on a throne in Jerusalem, but lived as subjects of larger empires.

The Chronicler and all faithful Jews of his day, longed for the reestablishment of the line of David as reigning kings in Judah. That good desire was ultimately answered by God in the coming of the eternal resurrection king, Jesus. He is the one that Jeremiah called “The Lord our Righteousness.”

Today we long for the fullness of His reign in the midst of a region of the world where that hope is a minority view.

Do not be overly moved by the noise of the empire of worldliness all around us and by the weariness of daily discouragements. Find quietness in the Word and prayer. Find rest in the Word made flesh who died for us and rose as the Firstborn of the Resurrection. He is our Rock and our Redeemer.

The fullness of the kingdom that you long for is nearer than it has ever been before.

Sermon Notes