Monday Morning Clarity – 1 Chronicles 2:50-55

Certain men in the record of the tribe of Judah were associated with specific places and with the extended families (clans) that lived there. Most modern lives seem to be less rooted than that.

Which way of life is most consistent with human flourishing? Modern autonomy or traditional lives with particular places where we live with our extended families? Do we have a biblical theology of place and extended family that would help us to resist the pull of autonomy in the world and the church today?

The Chronicler rightly believed in Jerusalem as the most holy place in the world in his day. With the coming of Jesus and His death and resurrection, we have moved from that old view of a centralized, worldwide holy place to one person who is our Temple–Jesus! He calls us to all the Nazareths of the world, where we live out the message that alone can bring abundant life to a dying world.

Two points that are central to any biblical theology of place and clan:

1. Reject any primary dedication to any place above Jesus. False prophets have sent the church out fighting for holy lands and forgetting the calling of God to the Nazareths of the world.
2. With a healthy primary dedication to Jesus, embrace a secondary dedication to the place where you are and to the people of the resurrected Christ in that location.